Social media on maps

available soon in Indonesia on

It’s your daily App built to share your story and stream people story around you, then see it on maps. 


Create and stream story on maps

stay up to date and find what’s happening near you. sharing your story with photos and help people to find their interest news with hashtag on maps. 

Add new location and check in

Register a new place NOW! Let people check in on your favorite places such as restaurant, attraction, cafe, market, zoo, police station and where to join hobby club in town!

Top trending now near you

Find what is top trending now near your location. Just tap on top of the hashtag sorted by the most shared stories.

Check weather by dragging on the map. 

Don’t let a bad weather turns into your bad day! Check the weather before you go with only drag the maps to your destination, because There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.


Ramadan is coming, Join our communities on #mapidmudik to stream and share all information  on the way back to hometown. Register a mosque, recommended restaurant, and everything related with mudik2019 trough Now MAPID. 

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