Internet of Things

It’s a dashboard and API gateway built for your developed IoT device, then see it on graph or visualize it on maps. 


Create your own API key and connect 

your key

You can connect your IoT device such as Arduino, ESP, etc to our platform with just three simple steps. Firstly, sign up and create your own API Key, then copy that key to your coding on hardware side, connect the thing with internet and you  will see it on Wasn’t that simple? 

Intuitive time-based chart between realtime or log

You can see your IoT data in realtime or log. It is very easy to understand what is your IoT device sensing with time-base chart on our platform. After successfully connect your IoT device with our platform, you just need to input what your device sensing and unit. that’s it!.

Get me notified! if any unusual sensing happen

You can create early warning system on setting with just submit your minimum and maximum value and check on notification. if your sensor capture data outside Min and Max range, you will be notified trough email and act!. 

Import csv file with particular table format

If you have used other platform such as thinkspeak, you can migrate to mapid by download your previeous and export it as csv format, than import it to our platform. After that you can continue with our platform.


You can create your own weather station, learn data with time-based charts, and get notified!




We use arduino and connect with weather station sensor. It has temperature and humidity sensor, rain bucket, anemometer, and wind vane. And then connect it to internet.

After connect with API Key, all sensors need to be input and determine as temperature, humidity, rain fall, wind speed, and wind direction.  

Learn sensing data from time-based chart. You will realize some behavior from temperature and humidity in relation to rain and wind. It’s so cool!



Industry 4.0 has come, the best way to deal with this kind of technologies is let’s apply and develop it together.

With IOT mapid we let developer focus on creating smart-things such as smart city, smart agriculture, smart farming, smart monitoring, etc then see IoT datas on MAPID.

NB IOT TOWER: Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology standard developed by 3GPP to enable a wide range of cellular devices and services.


You need some custom from our platform? 

No problem, we can build your specific IoT platform based on special request

in some cases, we understand that your platform functional needs might be more specific than our default platform. With passionate and dedicated {Software Engineers; GIS Engineers; Mechatronics Engineers; and Business Strategist} team, we can build your special platform on special request.  So, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what you needs! we'd love to help you.

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