Mapid say „Hello World!“


  • More than 100 people actively using mapid now. 
  • They start to experience the easiness of creating new maps,  overlaying with existing data, and analysis on our platform.
  • IoT geek start to put their own GPS ardunino  devices on mapid!
  • We frequently goes to campus to socialize the future of mapping. 

Our achievement

Whats next

Industry 4.0

We think the ideas that we brought to mapid as „the easiest platform to map anything“ is now coming true. People start to map anything on Every user can create or upload their existing data on

Since mapid tested in beta version, we find a lot of new ideas how our platform is used. Many interest give us more strong vision about the future of our platform. So after releasing the mapid v1.0, we have a plan to collaborate with a lot of community.  We believe, this will change how people use GIS in „now days“ era. And it is beginning now.  

Since the beginning of developing mapid, we take a serious path to be a part of industry 4.0. This can be done by creating a place for all sensor data. Many people start to create their own IoT devices, and integrated their IoT data into maps is something called „our future“.

This is our plan

Talking about Cloud computing, we are living in the era of using our data from anywhere and anytime. 

FLOW is the data base management side of all your features. Your can create, upload, or import from community data library.  You can create a standard geospatial data such as  : point, line, and polygon with attribute. In each layer there is an option to make insight (picture with title and description) or television (cctv). And a tab for integrating IoT data to mapid.

GEO is the front side of your personal maps. It contains layer management, toolbar, and base maps. Layer management contain a list of your showed layer features you have created or imported. You can use toolbar to analyse on maps. While working on mapid, you can also freely choose between street, satellite, hybrid, or terrain as base-maps. 

How we develop mapid

We develop mapid with cloud computing technology to make sure that our platform will always in service. 

We realize that there migh be a policies for some private company, goverment agencies, and organization  to use mapid on their own server. 

Installing mapid on already owned server is possible, Custom the GEO design and it’s functionalities is also possible. 

Stay connected with us

With beta test, we got a lot of feedback that also give us an improvement on development goals. So, people want to hear from us more often. You can subscribe to our news, to get in touch with us more closer. 

Recent update

Community map 

stories of the months

Palu-Donggala Earthquake & Tsunami

CCTV from around the world

As an earthquake and tsunami hit Palu and Donggala in Central Sulawesi, we create a maps from communities and Government Central Agencies. This maps contains information about all hospital in Palu, disaster post, before and after satellite image, etc. 

See how our founder Bagus Imam Darmawan create a maps that integrate CCTV from around the wolrd. It is mainly in Indonesian, but you can take a look about what is hapening in Swiss and Norwey. 

Data source : 

- Badan Informasi Geospasial

- Digital Globe

- 6 Generation Senior High School of Madani Palu

- Web GIS (TF-PDS) Palu


- SaIG Geografi UGM

- Remote Sensing UGM

Data source : 


Water Damage Information System

See how the head of sub-sector from ministry of public works and public housing for water resources manage their water damage documentation by integrating mobile data collector apps called „sungaikita“. The data is collected from all around Indonesian.  

Data source : 


- other consultant geospatial data

Join our communities

If you think your maps has an interesting content, please join mapid communities. We could apply the mapid professional licenses for you!. So, you can share your wonderful maps or telling a story on maps as mapid communities.